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The story of women law professors

In the last episode of Jabot, I interview Patricia Cain, the editor of Leading the way: America’s first female law professors. The book, written by Herma Hill Kay, details the lives of the first 14 female law professors. Patricia and I also discuss the twists and turns in her life and career: studying law, being […]

How to spend less as a law student

With the rapid increase in tuition fees at law schools over the past few decades, annual tuition fees at private schools approved by the American Bar Association… With the rapid increase in tuition fees in law schools over the past decades, annual tuition fees in private law schools approved by the American Bar Association have […]

University approves new law school shiel...

More than five years after the Harvard Corporation endorsed Harvard Law School’s decision to drop its shield, associated with slavery, it approved the school’s replacement. The new shield was developed by the HLS Shield working group, first meeting in 2020, and design companies PopKitchen and Studio Rainwater. “I am grateful to our community for participating […]

Tips for a Successful Law Study

Take the readings. To take notes. Participate in class. Most of the advice for success in law school is straightforward. Who didn’t already know that studying for an exam was crucial? As many Harvard Law School students prepare to set foot on campus for the very first time, we asked faculty and staff to share […]

What Kamala Harris’ Law School Years Say

In the fall of 1986, Harris arrived on the Hastings campus a week before most of her classmates. She was part of the Legal Education Opportunity Program (LEOP) pre-orientation program, which was founded in 1969 to help law students from underprivileged communities navigate the strict requirements of the first-year program. Harris had come to a […]