AMARAVATI: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a high-level law and order review meeting on Monday and discussed various issues including the implementation of the Disha Law, the Special Courts for Criminal Investigations against women and children, measures to reduce the crime rate, strengthening police forces and the threat of drugs.

While reviewing the Disha Bill and the Disha application, the Chief Minister felt that it was not fair to leave it on hold for so long even after the Assembly passed the Disha Bill and a asked officials to look into the matter and take action accordingly. He called on officials to make sure the bill completes due process and to make sure every woman downloads the Disha app on her phone. Collectors and SPs from all districts were urged to pay special attention to Disha and involve volunteers as well as female police officers to carry out a broad campaign on the use of Disha App. He highlighted the creation of conditions for victims to lodge a complaint and told them to focus on adopting a flexible system to ensure that the victim enjoys safe conditions.

Authorities have indicated that currently 10 courts deal with POCSO cases, 12 courts hear crimes against women and a total of 16 courts will be available by December, when a new court is being established. set up in Kadapa. The chief minister ordered to appoint prosecutors to fill all vacant positions and to regularly monitor their performance. So far 74 13,562 have downloaded the Disha app, where 5,238 have requested help through the app and 684 FIRs have been registered through the app in 2021. Police said all hotspots in crime were mapped and informed that all police stations in Disha had received ISO certification.

They said it took 189 days to investigate crimes against women in 2017, but today an indictment is filed in just 42 days due to the Disha law, where no FIR is is also recorded. Police said previously it took a year to get a DNA report and now the report will arrive in two days due to increased forensic facilities. Officials also said 2,652 cases had been handled by Disha One Stop centers through September this year and placed 51,053 CC cameras in all temples.

In addition, the Chief Minister called on the authorities to focus on justice for victims as early as possible and to act from a humanitarian perspective when unfortunate incidents occur against women. He told them to ensure that compensation is paid to affected families within one month of the incident. Also reviewing cybercrime, he asked officials to prepare a special action plan for the prevention of cybercrime by appointing competent officers and including effective lawyers.

During the review, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy called on officials to take immediate action to make colleges and universities drug-free, maintaining constant monitoring. He ordered authorities to examine whether there were any drug cases, mapping colleges and further told them to pay close attention to drug trafficking. He asked to submit a report on this once every four weeks and to prepare an action plan to combat the threat of drugs, especially in educational institutions.

He said opposition leaders falsely spread drug trafficking unrelated to the state. He said the opposition was acting irresponsibly in an attempt to tarnish the image of the police department, the government as well as the people. Despite the fact that the drug scandal is not true, a few media houses and websites are promoting fake news. He told officials to be vigilant on such issues.

In addition to this, the chief minister called on authorities to pay particular attention to the illegal manufacture and supply of alcohol in the state and said the police should also focus on the issue with SEB. He said about 15,000 female police officers have been deployed to the secretariats of villages and neighborhoods and asked officials to train them by December of this year. On top of that, he told officials to focus on recruiting 6,000 to 7,000 police officers in the coming year.

Minister of Interior Mekathoti Sucharitha, Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma, DGP Goutham Sawang, Secretary of Finance K Satyanarayana, Minister of Interior Kumar Vishwajeet, Principal Secretary for Protection of Women and Children AR Anuradha, Chief of Intelligence KV Rajendranath Reddy, Legal Secretary V Sunitha, DIG (Technical Services) G Pal Raju, Vizag Range DIG LKV Rangarao, Eluru Range DIG KV Mohana Rao, Guntur Range DIG Dr CM Trivikram Varma, Kurnool Range DIG P Venkatrami Reddy, Anantapur Range DIG Kranthi Rana Tata , Disha Special Officer Kritika Shukla and other officials were present.

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