Good Finance is expanding its international presence

Since April 10, 2015, Good Finance, an international mobile consumer loan company, has opened a new office in Norway. As Norway enters the market, Good Finance is already present in 21 countries in the world and continues to expand its geographical reach. Back in January 2015, the office was opened in Canada.

Banking license


Good Finance holds a banking license for EU territory through EU-licensed Good Finance Bank Ltd. This license allows the Good Finance to carry out regulated transactions and operations in all EU Member States which, like Norway, require a bank license to operate. Initially, Good Finance will launch in Norway with the provision of standard microcredit for individuals. The other two products approved in the 2014 financial year, Credit Limit and PLUS Loan, will be introduced in the Norwegian market in the coming period.

Potential market


“Diversifying our geographical presence is a key component of our growth strategy. We are delighted that our entry into the market in Norway marks another important milestone in the development of the Good Finance. We see an attractive potential market in Norway, partly because of the high barriers to entry, which required a banking license to authorize credit product operations.

In addition, we have already focused our efforts on the next target countries, “said John Dean, founder and CEO of Good Finance, in a statement.

Preparing the ground


Good Finance is preparing the ground for the opening of new offices in Italy, France and Turkey. The Good Finance’s growth strategy envisages expanding the company’s operations to reach operations in 30 countries.