When Worsech took over as director of FWP last year, he wrote a very chewy and dishonest introduction in Montana Outdoors. I wrote to Montana Outdoors to highlight this and the record morale of the FWP field staff.

We are seeing a radical shift away from science-based management and toward the political agendas and pet peeves of Gianforte and the legislature. I’ve never heard anyone say that Montana’s hunting regulations are too complicated. When I saw the absurd changes that were proposed, it was clear that they were proposed because biologists had been instructed to make changes, not because there were significant problems with the existing regulations.

Wildlife management is a complex mix of biological, social and economic requirements and our regulations have responded to this mix. But now the emphasis is on “fix ’em until they’re broken”. Did I also miss this electoral mandate?

I’ve hunted here for over 40 years, spent a lot of days in the field, doing pretty well and never had a conflict with grizzly bears and only heard wolves sometimes. Some hunters attribute their inability to kill an elk to predators, but I hunt in the same places and all you have to do is hunt for game. Wildlife populations are dynamic and you cannot expect the same results with the same tactics every year. That’s why they call it hunting. It’s experience and lifestyle, it’s not about killing the most, the fastest or the biggest.