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Here’s why Apple refused to grab Fortnite from the App Store despite antitrust law

Let’s find out why Apple refused to have Fortnite on its App store!

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Apple wouldn’t bring the ridiculously well-known Fortnite game back to its South Korean App Store. Another Seoul was hostile to the imposition of a business model law that adequately barred its rewarding late payout stage, sparking ongoing debate with video game designer Epic Games.

The two companies are at the forefront of a global challenge between the stages of transmission and content creators over income distribution, with billions of dollars at stake. Apple eliminated Fortnite from its store last year after Epic introduced a direct installment in the app, bypassing the technological goliath’s own framework.

In a world first, South Korea passed a law last month that banned Apple and Google from tricking app developers into using tech goliath payout frameworks, sustainably declaring their rewarding syndications on the app. Illicit Store and Play Store.

Expected to produce results in the coming days, it will make South Korea the leading country to order such elective payment alternatives, allowing customers to bypass fees set by merchants.

“Epic plans to relaunch Fortnite on iOS in Korea by offering both Epic and Apple installments next to each other in accordance with new Korean law,” the game organization said on its Twitter account on Friday. Fortnite verified.

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