Last week, the registered nurses union bargaining team made a comprehensive economic proposal that included lasting, general wage increases and significant bonus improvements. The team also came up with strong contractual language that would better define floating training and cross-training. Another wording of the contract would encourage better working hours.

This week, management preceded their proposal with a statement on the importance of “recruitment and retention”.

Management presented their economic ‘package’ this week, which seemed to focus on recruiting without seemingly caring about retention. Management’s proposal would dramatically increase salaries for some rates of pay and others would receive an increase of less than 2% in the first year. The smallest increases would include nurses who are currently at or near the top of the salary scale. This management proposal did little to improve bonuses and in no way addressed the huge staffing issues that had a significant impact on all nurses.

Management has also proposed removing the contract language for medical leave, which currently allows up to six months of leave protecting the employee’s specific position (shift, FTE). laws (ie FMLA.) Most state and federal holidays do not exceed 12 weeks. That’s a huge reduction! Where’s the respect Jefferson?

Thank you for sharing this information with your colleagues! Our next bargaining session is scheduled for Tuesday, October 19!

Our Jefferson Healthcare RN Negotiating Team: Ben Schadler, RN ICU; Melanee Knudson, IA FBC; Jeannette Hundley, IA Surgical Services; Robin Bridge, registered nurse; Ryan DeGouveia, TUAC 21; Cathy Macphail, TUAC 21

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