James and Jennifer Crumbley are each charged with four counts of manslaughter in connection with the alleged actions of their 15-year-old son, Ethan Crumbley, accused of killing four classmates in Tuesday’s shooting at Oxford High School in the suburbs of Detroit.

Police launched a manhunt after the parents failed to show up for their arraignment hearing on Friday, later arresting them at a Detroit apartment building after a sighting by a member of the public.

Police said on Saturday it appeared the couple were hiding in the workspace and someone helped them enter the building, guiding them as they parked their vehicle in the back.

Andrzej Sikora identified himself on Sunday through his lawyer when law enforcement said he had helped the Crumbleys.

Although Sikora knew the Crumbleys were using his workspace, he “didn’t really know what was going on” and didn’t know the couple “had active warrants” when they were discovered by law enforcement. and subsequently arrested, his attorney, Clarence Dass, mentioned.

Dass said his client “committed to it,” but declined to comment on why he allowed the couple to stay in the workspace or to provide any additional details about Sikora’s relationship with the Crumbleys other than say “he knew them, but not well”.

Dass told CNN his client was on the workspace for “a short time,” but was not there late Friday night and overnight when the Crumbleys were arrested, adding that he wasn’t there. hadn’t realized the Crumbleys were in his space during “that’s a long time.”

Sikora “has been an honest citizen his entire life. A Polish immigrant, he dedicated his adult life to the arts and to the Detroit metropolitan community,” Dass said in a press release Sunday afternoon.

“Mr. Sikora has not been charged with any felony. Nonetheless, after learning of the Crumbleys’ arrest on December 4, 2021, he voluntarily contacted the Detroit Police Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office to provide information. He maintains his innocence throughout this process and fully cooperates with the police to help them in their investigation, “the statement said.

At a press conference late Saturday afternoon, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said law enforcement was “still gathering information” and would present it to the county prosecutor for. potential charges related to complicity or obstruction of justice.

Dass told CNN he didn’t think there was any evidence to support that his client knew the Crumbleys were fugitives when he allowed them into his workspace.

Early Saturday, police said they found the couple on the first floor of an industrial or commercial building in Detroit – about 40 miles south of the Oxford area where they live – after someone informed the police on Friday night that their vehicle was nearby.

“They appeared to be hiding in the building,” Detroit Police Chief James White said at a press conference on Saturday morning. They were “very upset” after their arrest, the chief said.

White said he did not know the Crumbleys’ intentions, but that “that does not indicate that they are surrendering, hiding in a warehouse.”

Parents accused of allowing their son “free access” to a weapon

Tuesday’s shooting – the deadliest on a U.S. K-12 campus since 2018 and the 32nd such attack since August 1 – claimed the life of 17-year-old Madisyn Baldwin; Tate Myre, 16; Hana St. Juliana, 14; and Justin Shilling, 17.

Ethan Crumbley was charged on Wednesday with several counts as an adult, including terrorism and first degree murder, among others. His lawyer pleaded not guilty during his arraignment on Wednesday.
Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect held on $ 500,000 each after manhunt

Prosecutors alleged they allowed their son “free access” to the gun used in the shooting, which James Crumbley bought four days earlier, on Black Friday. But one of their attorneys, Shannon Smith, said the gun was locked.

The detained couple, sitting alone in separate rooms, appeared by video conference with the judge, their attorneys and the county prosecutor.

During the arraignment, their lawyers stressed that their clients fully intended to surrender before authorities arrested them on Saturday morning.

The US Marshals Service was helping local authorities search for the couple on Friday and had offered a reward of up to $ 10,000 for information that could lead to their arrest. Authorities have released a description of their vehicle.

In the end, Detroit Police made the arrest after a business owner saw a woman standing near the “suspicious vehicle” in her parking lot on Friday night and called 911, a statement said to CNN. Oakland County Deputy Sheriff Michael McCabe.

An Oakland County judge set bail for James and Jennifer Crumbley at $ 500,000 each.

Lawyers for the Crumbleys have asked for bonds of $ 50,000 or $ 100,000.

The couple are being held in the same county jail as their son.