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decided to veer in the opposite direction as a rival operating system maker


and says he allows Fortnite the manufacturer Epic Games will offer its own showcase through


the online sales application of.

Microsoft stock (ticker: MSFT) rose 0.2% to $ 284 in Wednesday’s trading.

For Epic and other developers, allowing their own stores to list may increase profits, as Microsoft said it was not going to cut in-app purchases because Apple (ticker: AAPL) and


(GOOGL) do this through their mobile app stores. The approach, which includes adding games of


(AMZN) is also designed to attract developers, who can be frustrated with having to pay tech titans up to 30% commissions.

The applications of Epic and Amazon will be available like the others on the Microsoft store. Microsoft made a number of major policy changes to its digital storefront ahead of the launch of Windows 11 and aims to make its storefront “an open store for an open platform.”

“It’s also about making sure that our trading conditions are fair and help promote innovation,” said Giorgio Sardo, general manager of Microsoft Store, in a blog post.

Microsoft’s decision to license the Epic Games store comes after a first decision in a legal battle between Epic and Apple over Apple’s store and the money it generates from in-app purchases. Epic sued last year after Apple started Fortnite from the store when he tried to bypass Apple’s payment processing systems.

An early move gave Epic a partial victory, forcing Apple to allow developers to bypass the company’s payment systems. But the judge also awarded Apple some sort of victory, saying that operating its app store is not an illegal monopoly.

Apple has said it will appeal the ruling, which could take years to find its way to court. Apple said it plans to keep Fortnite from his store until the dispute is resolved.

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