In the past, we could record calls on Android with relative ease, but after Android Pie the problems started to happen. Since then it is still possible to record calls, but with limitations, only for certain devices and often with reduced quality. An easy way to continue recording calls today is with the help of Truecaller.

The last major update to Truecaller included, among other new features, the function of record calls for free, for everyone and with the possibility of automatically recording all calls. We tell you how it works.

Permissions, permissions and more permissions

There are call recording apps that specialize only in this, like ACR, and there are phone apps that include call recording, like Google Phone or, more recently, Truecaller. The difference is that Google Phone check-in is only available in certain regions.

If you’re already using Truecaller, you can skip all of these steps, but otherwise you’ll have to complete the somewhat exhausting initial setup wizard. Basically you need to configure the app as default phone and call filtering app, in addition to authorizing your calls, contacts and SMS and accepting the terms of the license.

At the end of the initial wizard, you are directly displayed a screen inviting you to subscribe, which you can close and ignore. Call recording and many other Truecaller features do not require a subscription.

Finally, remember that call recording may not be legal in your country without obtaining the consent of or even with the second person. It’s also always a good idea to let the other person know that you are going to record the call, even if it’s legal.

Even more permissions


Android apps ask for the necessary permissions, and that’s why the first time you try to record a call you will need to grant additional permissions. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform this task before the actual call you want to record.

Make any call and you will see the record button appear at the bottom. Tap on it and you need to grant two more permissions: storage and accessibility. Accessibility permission is an old trick that most call recording apps use that allows them to do their jobs more efficiently.


With everything configured, your mobile is now ready to easily record calls every time you press the corresponding button. The quality of the recording will depend a lot on the hardware of your mobile: in my case, the resulting audio was of good quality.

Of course, the recording is still in progress. using the microphone, so there will be a big difference between the volume of your voice and that of the other person. The app recommends that you use the mobile speaker during recording for best quality. Personally, I tested with and without the loudspeaker and in both cases the result was acceptable, beyond the differences in volume.

Record all calls

Recorded all

An interesting option of Truecaller is that you can configured to record all calls. To do this, open the side panel of the app and tap Call recording. Check the box Automatic recording and you will not have to do anything else: all calls will be recorded without any intervention on your part.

Truecaller: identification and spam calls

Truecaller: identification and spam calls

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