BRECKENRIDGE HILLS – Students responsible for spreading a fake threat against Ritenour High School on social media have been arrested and will be punished, district officials said in a letter to parents on Tuesday.

The threat of the hoax was enough to make students, parents and staff tense on Monday, when a student took the opportunity to burst an empty milk carton in the cafeteria, making a loud noise and sending students running for exits. . Police responded and the school was closed earlier due to the incident.

District officials said on Monday that the object used to make the noise was a bag of crisps, but said on Tuesday it was in fact an empty milk carton. The student who made the noise was also arrested and will be punished, officials said. All of the students involved could face criminal charges.

Similar threats on social media were made and shared in other schools on Tuesday, officials said.

“The events of yesterday were traumatic for many of our students and staff,” Principal Jana Haywood said in her letter to parents on Tuesday. “Please be assured that we are working hard to take the necessary steps to maintain a safe and secure environment for all RHS Huskies.”