ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC) – Rochester Public Schools (RPS) look to law enforcement when it comes to those who refuse its hiding policy. The decision to institute some type of protocol to keep meetings under control began in July.

“A number of people unhappy with the school board showed up and it was difficult to organize the meeting,” said Rochester School Board Chairman Jean Marvin.

Now the school board feels that something more needs to be done to make sure everyone complies with their masking policy. This includes the possibility of being banned for one year from Rochester Public School buildings.

“We checked with our lawyer. We checked with law enforcement. We worked carefully with both groups and you know the decision was that if people are determined to show up without a mask, they will. and could be legally accused of trespassing “, says Jean Marvin.

The Olmsted County Code of Ordinances states that any group, business or organization can claim trespassing. In the case of Rochester Public Schools, if they think someone is interfering with the smooth running of business, they have the right to rape someone on their property.

“The school board is responsible for doing the work to ensure that student learning continues,” said Jean Marvin.

The school district has received comments on this decision. Some think it will help protect their children, others think it is a step too far.

“Having a student in the system, being a citizen, a taxpayer, we should be able to attend a public meeting. If our intention is to come and participate, to be able to hear in person and not to have to broadcast live and especially the initial part, the public commentary, which is not recorded which is not open to the public ”, declared Karin Charron, parent of RPS.

Jean Marvin went on to say, if you don’t want to wear a mask, that’s fine. Meetings are streamed live and you can watch them from home. If you have a comment, you can call, email, or write a letter. She says they will always respond.