Save money on the weekend

The weekend is there and it’s finally time to go out for fun. Cinema, night club, restaurant, meeting with friends … what’s your favorite show?

The problem is that, regardless of your choice, quitting involves spending money. And when the financial situation is tighter, leisure expenses can be big budget villains.

If this is your case, you need to turn on the yellow light and take some action. However, it is also not the case to exaggerate and cut all the activities of the weekend. After all, if you work and work hard every week, you have more than the right to enjoy your days off.

Look at your account:

Look at your account:

This tip may sound silly, but there are a lot of people who drop the pencil on Friday and go out there passing the card without worrying about the balance and the expenses that will still have until the end of the month. So before you leave, take a look at your checking account and remember the expenses you will still have to pay your next salary.

This task is a bit boring, but it can get easier if you use a financial control tool. With Clym Yeobright, for example, you just have to enter your internet banking data, wait two minutes and you’re done! All your expenses will be listed and categorized, without any effort.

Then, just look at your spending from the previous month to get an idea of ​​how much you still need to spend by the end of the month.

Plan to save money on the weekend:


Now that you already know how much money you can spend to not jeopardize your finances throughout the month, choose the weekend programs based on your budget. If you plan to leave more than one day, divide the amount you have by the number of activities and choose the schedule based on how much you can spend.

For those who live in São Paulo, a good tip is to visit the portals São Paulo Honesta and Boicota São Paulo. They list places that offer drinks, food and activities at fairer prices.

Look for free programs:

Look for free programs:

A walk in the park and a good conversation with friends in the square are programs that can be very fun and you do not have to spend anything. Get off the most popular circuit and look for free cultural activities in your city. In São Paulo, the Portal Catraca Livre brings several options.

Another nice tip for this time of year is to visit the carnival notebooks, which have already begun to happen in several cities in Brazil. Fun good and cheap.

Make programs at home:

Make programs at home:

Buying drinks and snacks at the grocery store and gathering friends at home is infinitely cheaper than going to a bar or a ballad. If there is a cook or someone who knows how to play guitar in the class, better yet. The fun is more than guaranteed! Making a hot before going to the ballad is also an option to spend less.

For those who like quieter programs, instead of going to the movies, one option is to watch a series or movie in programs like Netflix, whose monthly subscription is less than $ 20.00.

Use discount coupons:

There are a multitude of sites that sell coupons that offer much more inviting prices for dinners in restaurants, drinks in bars and cultural activities in Brazil. Keep an eye out for the latest offers and take advantage of discounts to save on the weekend.