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I know you? : a thriller
by Sarah Strohmeyer

A woman who can identify strangers by the tiniest details of the face believes she has found the person responsible for her sister’s disappearance and presumed death, and is trying to disrupt her upcoming celebrity wedding to expose her publicly. 20,000 first prints.

Bright Burning Things: A Novel
by Lisa Harding

Haunted by her failed career and the lingering trauma of her childhood, a former stage artist turns to alcohol but is saved from the brink by her son whose love redirects her towards rehabilitation and redemption. 100,000 first impressions.

A history of wild places: a novel
by Shea Ernshaw

An expert in tracing missing persons is invited to locate the missing and well-known author of dark and macabre children’s books and is led to Pastoral, a reclusive community found in the 1970s that many thought was just a legend. .

Eight Perfect Hours: A Novel
by Lia Louis

Two strangers who meet while their cars are both stuck in a snowstorm spend a delightful eight hours together weathering the storm before they go their separate ways believing they’ll never meet again, but fate has other plans . Original.

Blame it on the mistletoe
by Beth Garrod

When Holly changes places with Elle, her favorite social media influencer, for Christmas, she finds the holidays filled with surprises, especially when she meets Elle’s step twin brother, while Elle gets more followers and more than she expected. Original.

The winter guest
by Pam Jenoff

Raising their young siblings in rural Poland in the shadow of the Nazi occupation, Helena and Ruth, the 18-year-old Nowak twins, see their lives on the line when Helena falls in love with a stranded American paratrooper who culminates in a singular act of treason. 10,000 first impressions.

The cat that saves books
by Sōsuke Natsukawa

When a talking cat named Tiger demands that he help save books with him, Rintaro Natsuki and Tiger embark on an incredible journey, freeing books from their careless owners and meeting a colorful group of characters along the way. 35,000 first impressions.

The Emperor of Bone Splinters
by Andrea Stewart

Seizing the throne she has won at so much expense, Lin Sukai must trust the mighty magicians of legend who have returned to the Empire to help her defeat the rebels and restore peace to her people. 50,000 first prints.

The Apollo Murders: A Novel
by Chris Hadfield

In 1973, NASA’s Apollo 18 crew collided with Russian astronauts on the lunar surface far beyond the reach of law or rescue, in this high-stakes thriller unlike any other. . 150,000 first prints.

Where they wait: a novel
by Scott Carson

Unemployed war correspondent Nick Bishop takes on a job writing a profile for a new mindfulness app called Clarity, which is getting more and more disturbing by the minute, especially when he finds out that no one with Clarity has gone. interest in his article, only for him. . 60,000 first impressions

Ridgeline: a novel
by Michael Punke

In 1866, a new war broke out on the western frontier between an ambitious young nation and the indigenous tribes who have lived on the land for centuries, in this fascinating saga, based on real people and events, which addresses fundamental questions of conquest and justice that still resonates today. 100,000 first impressions.

Assassin’s Witness: A Case Of The Great Western Detective League
by Paul Colt

“Two powerful railroads clash in a dispute over the Royal Gorge right-of-way to serve a precious silver strike in Colorado. A recluse financier with substantial stakes in Denver & Rio Grande charges Knights of Labor with instigating a union fight against rival Atkins Topeka & Southern to delay development of the Royal Gorge spur while the dispute is ongoing. AT&S owner Stephen Atkins turns to Pinkerton for help breaking the strike. Atkins learns that financier Eli Chorus is responsible for his work problems. He calls Don Victor Carnicero and his crime syndicate El Anillo to eliminate his chorus problem. When Great Western Detective League agent Beau Longstreet ends the assassination attempt, killing El Anillo’s assassin, he becomes the assassin’s witness. Don Victor swears revenge. El Anillo’s agents threaten Longstreet’s life and his sweetheart’s life. Assassin’s Witness goes from a violent confrontation to an evil betrayal in a deadly shower of bullets shrouded in mystery and tainted with loss “

Abandoned Eastern Kansas: Sunflower State Skeletons
by Régina Daniel

Beyond the wheat fields and off the beaten track, these abandoned and forgotten places wait to tell their stories in a more productive and useful time. From small towns to ghost towns and everything in between, the vastness of eastern Kansas can be seen as a curse that will slowly dry up an untapped place or resource. Even though these locations are far from the reach of the ever-growing city, they suffer the same fate when expansion is needed for improvements or there isn’t enough demand to continue day-to-day operations. However these stories unfold, all that’s left is a reminder of what once was: abandoned relics of lives, dreams, and businesses scattered across the open heart of eastern Kansas.

Daily magic: spells and rituals to make the whole year magical
by Judika Illes

Paraprofessional crisis counselor and author of The Encyclopedia of Spirits shares a year of magical-focused spells and rituals to harness daily power and honor spiritually important dates, from Midsummer to Samhain. 25,000 first impressions.

Yellow Bird: oil, murder and search for justice of a woman in Indian country
by Sierra Crane Murdoch

“When Lissa Yellow Bird was released from prison in 2009, she found her home, the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota, transformed by the Bakken oil boom. In his absence, the landscape had been altered to the point of being unrecognizable, its tribal government influenced by corporate interests and its community burdened by an upsurge in violence and drug addiction. Three years later, when Lissa learned that a young white oil worker, Kristopher ‘KC’ Clarke, had disappeared from her reservation yard, she became particularly worried. No one knew where Clarke had been, and no one other than his mother was actively looking for him. Unfolding like a gritty mystery, Yellow Bird retraces Lissa’s footsteps as she obsessively searches for clues to Clarke’s disappearance. She navigates two worlds – that of her own tribe, changed by her newfound wealth, and that of the unlucky non-native oil workers who have come to find work in the wake of the economic recession. His pursuit becomes an effort of redemption – an atonement for his own crimes and a reckoning with generations of trauma. Yellow Bird is both a beautifully written and masterfully reported story of a search for justice and a remarkable portrayal of a complex woman who is smart, funny, articulate, compassionate, and – when it serves her cause – manipulative. Ultimately, it is an in-depth examination of the legacy of systematic violence inflicted on a tribal nation and a story of extraordinary healing ”

Where Wild Things Grow: A Landscape Guide for Foragers
by David Hamilton

Drawing on 25 years of foraging experience, David Hamilton shows us how and where to hunt the food lurking all around us. Along the way, he delves into the forgotten stories and science of wild foods and their habitats, and reveals his many foraging secrets, tips and recipes. You will discover where to find mallow, mustards and pomegranate, but also sumac, figs and blackberries. You will learn how to pick the sweetest berries, how to preserve mushrooms using only a heater, and how to make salads, risottos and puddings with wild foods.

A pastry for all seasons: A pastry for all seasons
by Paul Hollywood

Showcasing Judges Recipes and 2021 Baker’s Favorites, the hit TV show’s latest cookbook includes recipes prepared on the show, cook notes, and metric-to-imperial conversion measurements. 50,000 first prints. Illustrations.

The Unofficial Handmade Cricut Craft Book: Creating Personalized Gifts with Your Electronic Cutting Machine
by Crystal Allen

“Crystal’s hope is that the techniques learned throughout the book, as well as the cut files (free!) At craft fairs. With your Cricut cutting machine and this book, you will always be prepared with a handmade gift idea for any occasion, including holidays, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, baby showers, housewarmings, weddings and more!

Powers and thrones: a new story from the Middle Ages
by Dan Jones

This epic story of the medieval world, which was forged by the great forces that still occupy us today – climate change, pandemics, mass migration and technological revolutions, shows us how each sphere of life and society human activity has been transformed during the thousand years covered. by this book.

Discovering the Wild West: Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas the Great Plains: Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas
by Mike Cox

“From the famous Oregon Trail and walks in Dodge City to the great trading posts on the Missouri River and the battlefields of the 19th century Indian Wars, there are places throughout the American West where visitors can relive the great western migration that helped shape our history and culture. This guide to the Great Plains states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas – one of five volumes in the Finding the Wild West series – highlights the best-preserved historic sites as well as ghost towns, reconstructions, museums, historical markers, statues, and public art works that tell the story of the Old West. Use this book to plan your next trip and for an overview of the history of the American Old West.

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