Over a year and a half ago, the murder of Breonna Taylor sparked protests across the country.

On Saturday, the UK’s J. David Rosenberg College of Law hosted its second one-day Breonna Taylor Symposium. Professors and academics have put the murder under a microscope, focusing on the search warrant.

“The particular search warrant, in this case there is an argument that it was woefully inadequate, that it contained perjury, and that the evidence in support of the search warrant did not meet the evidentiary requirements,” said Associate Professor Blanch Cook.

Cook said if the police enter your house, they need a warrant that meets the standard of probable cause.

In addition, she said the police are constitutionally obligated to strike and report.

“Sometimes the police knock and announce in one motion, which doesn’t give the person inside the house enough time to collect their thoughts,” Cook said.

Taylor has been mourned across the country. In Louisville and throughout the Commonwealth, this was deeply felt. Cook said it was important for the UK, the state’s flagship institution, to respond correctly.

“We serve this whole state,” Cook said. “The vast majority of our students are residents of Kentucky. The vast majority of our students will become practitioners in Kentucky. The public is desperately concerned about this issue.

Cook said the law school will be hosting future events on the criminal justice system.