SINGAPORE – The Union of Security Employees (USE) has launched a mobile app for security officers to report work-related abuse or grievances.

This was announced with the results of a survey on the welfare of private security guards, which found that more than one in two officers reported feeling nervous and stressed at work.

USE said the free mobile app allows security officers to report “any work-related issue and grievance anytime, anywhere.”

“While the investigation showed that security guards generally know who or whom to ask for help when faced with abuse at work, more can be done to speed up the process and allow Neutral third-party organizations to help investigate and arbitrate the case in question, ”said a statement from the USE and the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC).

USE said registered users of the app can enter details of the case or issue, including location and photos. Cases submitted through the application will be forwarded to the USE Mediation Service for follow-up.

Users can also check the status of their submissions through the app and be kept up to date with industry and union news.


The third part of a longitudinal survey conducted by USE and the University of Social Sciences of Singapore found that the well-being of security guards remained “of concern”, particularly in the areas of mental well-being and security guards. abuse.

Questions relating to stress at work were included in the survey for the first time, and more than one in two officers reported feeling nervous and stressed at work.

As in the first two surveys, a significant proportion of officers (39%) declared having been victims of violence at work.

This figure is slightly lower than the 42 percent reported in the last poll, but higher than the 32 percent in the first poll. The majority of reported violence was verbal abuse.

The frequency of abuse has also increased, with nearly 40 percent – down from 30 percent – of those who reported verbal abuse reporting they had experienced verbal abuse at least once every two weeks.

The investigation also found that older officers suffered more abuse than younger officers.

At least 40 percent of security guards aged 50 and over reported experiencing abuse at work, while 26 percent of those under 29 reported the same.


More than 40 percent of those responsible for abuse came from the general public.

Mr. Raymond Chin, Secretary General of USE, said: “USE is concerned that security guards continue to be mistreated in the performance of their duties under the law.

“We urge the general public to recognize the important work of our security guards as frontline warriors protecting property and lives, and to cooperate with them as necessary.”

The survey covered other aspects of the work of security guards, such as their salary and job prospects.

USE said salaries have remained stable in the industry and have met benchmarks for the progressive salary model at all levels.

The progressive wage model establishes minimum wage requirements for workers with different skill levels and imposes wage increases alongside the training and skills of workers.

More than six in ten security guards surveyed said they were paid fairly for their work and expected a median pay rise of around S $ 150 next year. More than eight in ten say they are satisfied with the profession.

The use of technology remains high (around 90%), and more than six in ten people intend to learn new skills in the next six months, according to the survey results.

The survey was conducted from July to September and collected responses from 1,000 security officers. ANC

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