TikTok users in the United States receive a notification claiming they are eligible for a settlement payment if they used the app before October 1, 2021.

TikTok is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms around. The app has spawned a plethora of viral dances, trends, recipes, and more, and has even sparked the careers of many internet stars.

However, TikTok is currently under close scrutiny after sending its US-based users a notification claiming that they are eligible for a settlement payment if they meet certain conditions.

What is the TikTok Class Action Settlement?

On November 15, TikTok users in America received a notification warning them that they may be eligible for a class checkout payment if they used the app before October 1, 2021.


TikTok users have received a notification claiming they may be eligible for a group settlement payment.

The notice included a link to a website detailing the settlement of the class action. In short, the situation is as follows:

The plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit claiming that TikTok “violated federal and state law by collecting and using, without sufficient notice or consent, the plaintiffs’ personal data in the course of their use of the sharing app. of TikTok – Make Your Day “videos.

TikTok Class Action Website

The website claims that Illinois users are entitled to 6 times the settlement amount if they used the TikTok app before October 1, 2021.

How Much Money Can TikTok Users Claim from the Class Action Settlement?

As a result of the settlement reached between the claimants and the defendants, US residents who used TikTok before September 30, 2021, can submit a claim to receive payment.

If approved, the Settlement could pay $ 92,000,000 to those who file complaints. However, the actual payout for individual users is much lower; if all 1 billion TikTok users deposited, each would receive less than 10 cents.

However, Illinois users are eligible to receive 6x the amount, as stated on the Settlement Notice website.

Internet Responds to TikTok Class Action Settlement Notice

This information has spread across the internet, spawning some humorous memes on Twitter for those who are thrilled to receive the monetary equivalent of “McDonald’s soda”:

When is the TikTok class action settlement deadline?

The deadline for filing a claim is March 1, 2022. A deadline of January 1, 2022 has been set for those who wish to file but opt ​​out of the benefits of the settlement, as well as for those who wish to write to the court if they do. are dissatisfied with the Rules.

The settlement comes months after the app encountered another lawsuit for users in the EU and UK, with plaintiffs claiming TikTok allegedly processed children’s information. The platform was also fined $ 5.7 million in February 2019 by the United States Federal Trade Commission for the way the app it purchased, Musical.ly, previously handled children’s data.

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