The fall semester is in full swing. Classes have started, and new Harvard Law School students are busy delving into contracts and torts, getting involved in student organizations, and thinking about student practice organizations and clinics they may want to join.

But who are these new classmates, and why are they at HLS? Turns out, they’re a diverse group who are interested in everything from video games and skydiving to classical ballet. They care about social justice, privacy law and immigration issues. You might find one student at a screening of an Alfred Hitchcock period film, while another is hoping to ride their 200th roller coaster before they graduate. Many say they are excited to collaborate with peers around the world, learn from world-class professors, and explore different areas of law. Read on to meet some of the members of the new JD Class of 2024 and LL.M. Class of 2022.

***Mario Mas Palacios LL.M. ’22
“I have worked as a lawyer for three years, but I have always been interested in gaining experience in the United States. schools around the world.

Julian Sarabia ’24
Passions: Espresso, theme parks (rode over 170 roller coasters!)
“I am delighted to be able to learn at a deeper level than my undergraduate studies. I am excited to learn something that interests me, to learn the intricacies of this profession and to better understand how I can improve the things that I think need to be improved.

Caroline Hatley ’24
Passions: baking, running, tennis, helping people
“I’m at Harvard Law School because for the past few years I’ve been excited to make a difference as a lawyer and jurist. HLS not only has the ability to teach me how to do these things, but will give me a community of mentors and other students who are doing interesting things in their field.

Katelyn Turner ’24
Passions: Video games, arts, drawing
“I applied to law school because I wanted to become a public interest lawyer, and Harvard Law is known for its very large public interest community. My research interests lie at the intersection of gender, race and health… For the year to come, I am excited to be surrounded by people after being locked up for a year and a half in due to the pandemic. It was an amazing experience coming here and interacting with people face to face. Everyone has been lovely and supportive. ”

Thomas Nielsen ’24
Passions: Composing music (he is a classical pianist)
“I am delighted to get to know the people around me and to meet people who approach this from a completely different perspective, as well as those with whom I have things in common. We’re all excited to be back in person.

Stacey Chuvaieva LL.M. ’22
“When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a politician – that’s why I went to law school in Ukraine and started a legal career. Previously I worked as a video game lawyer… At HLS I plan to write a 50 page research paper… if I like the job I could pursue an academic career.

Masooma Haider ’24
Passions: cooking, volunteering, inspiring the next generation
“I’m here for a lot of different reasons. But part of that is representing my community – the American Muslim community – and fighting for the rights of immigrants and refugees like me. This is what put me on this path.

Quinn Evangelakos ’24
Passions: Being outdoors, walking, swimming
“I want to be a public defender. I want to learn from the public interest lawyer community here at HLS and grow in this passion. I am really delighted to meet all of those who have come with different experiences and perspectives. I am happy to explore different parts of the law and the interests of others as well.

Alice Hu ’24
Passions: Existential philosophy, electronic music, parachuting, volunteering
“I am interested in the question of how to ensure the dignity of more people in our society. I am very excited to learn from my peers, from people who want to build this intentional community together and explore what makes our life meaningful.

Credit: Kim Wright / HLS Staff Photographer Alice Hu ’24

Eun Jin Kim ’24
Passions: Running, eating, watching medical TV shows
“I am very happy to meet people here and gain the skills and experience I need to become a lawyer someday. … I can’t wait to meet the cool people here and hear about their experiences, grow and learn with them.

Heather Zhou ’24
Passions: Reading novels, watching films (especially Hitchcock)
“Harvard has been my dream law school since my first year in college. I have a friend who went to Harvard Law, and she has spoken a lot about her experience here. I was inspired and humbled. I’m really happy to finally be here! “

Suleyman Wellings-Longmore LL.M. ’22
“Before Harvard, I worked as a lawyer in London and Paris, working in international arbitration, and although I found the job very rewarding and satisfying, I don’t think it reflected any interest in social justice. and trying to bring about a positive change.I hope to turn to human rights law.

Suleyman Wellings-Longmore

Credit: Kim Wright / HLS Staff Photographer Suleyman Wellings-Longmore LL.M. ’22

Hansenard Piou ’24
Passions: Drawing, creating writing

Josh Alpert ’24
Passions: Competitive debate, scale models of remote-controlled airplanes, chess, video games, TV, films, music
“HLS is one of the most amazing places to find a wide variety of professors, professors and people extremely interested in the law. … My long term goal is to help people as much as I can. I am interested in civil rights work, internships. It might sound cliché to say this, but I want to see justice, and the law is a tool to do that. “

Jeffah Momanyi LL.M. ’22
“Before coming to HLS, I worked as a lawyer for the Senate of Kenya. I plan to take the New York bar exam; If I have the opportunity, I will practice law in New York or return to my country to practice. Here I am delighted to meet new friends and take a variety of courses. I am delighted to learn from the different experiences and perspectives of various classmates around the world. This is what is exciting.

Nikol Tang ’24
Passions: Classical ballet
“I want to be a litigator. I think Harvard has a very large and diverse student body, and this will allow me to explore many of my interests. I am delighted to get to know the professors who had really interesting careers prior to their teaching careers, which impacted their careers in government and the private sector and beyond. I am very excited about clinical programs and want to get involved in immigration and domestic violence clinics.

Sydney Veatch ’24
Passions: Stand-up paddle, board games, iced coffee
“I came to HLS because I am really passionate about data privacy, and the Berkman Klein Center is the best in the US for that. I am excited to get to know my 1L classmates in person and learn from each other and the different lived experiences we all have.

Stephanie Walsh ’24
Passions: Playing viola, music, board game nerd
“I am delighted to meet all of the amazing teachers and teachers here. People that I read about – who are quoted in certain places – and I have the opportunity to be taught by them and to interact with them. That’s exciting!”

Daniela Higueras Elias LL.M. ’22
“I’m excited about the community, being physically here on campus. Our class comes from all over the world, and I can’t wait to get to know and learn from them, as well as the amazing faculty.

Bshayer Binyamin LL.M. ’22
“I am here for several reasons: to deepen my knowledge in my area of ​​interest, to identify gaps and areas of development within the legal jurisdiction of my countries, and to express myself, to engage in meaningful conversations. and to represent my country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the best possible way. I’m excited about every part of the experience here – making friends, meeting professors, meeting decision makers, conducting research, and interacting with my classmates.

Credit: Kim Wright / HLS Staff Photographer Bshayer Binyamin LL.M. ’22

James Barrett LL.M. ’22
“Where else but Harvard Law School?” “

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