Clues to the plot of You Season 4 may well derive from what happens next in the eponymous book series given the Netflix show’s ongoing ties to its source material. Caroline Kepnes’ story of twisted obsession consists of three books to date: “You, “”Hidden bodies, “and the recently released”You love MeWhile there are glaring differences between Kepnes’ original plot and Netflix’s analysis of his story, both center on dark protagonist Joe Goldberg, who covets and kills with equal ferocity throughout. You.

by netflix You Season 3 ends in spectacular fashion, with Joe (Penn Badgley) managing to outsmart his emotionally frayed wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), in a tense chess match before burning his Madre Linda existence and fleeing to France. You Season 3 marked the Netflix series ‘first big deviation from its source material, featuring the suburban psychopathy of Love and Joe, a completely unexplored plot in Kepnes’ book series. With Madre Linda in the rearview mirror for Joe, however, Netflix You has the opportunity to realign himself with the new story of Kepnes as seen in You love Me.

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The plot of the book You love Me can very well serve as a pointer for the direction of You the story of season 4, given the open finale from the previous season. Joe living in France could still be a red herring for Netflix audiences, with You love Me taking the affable serial killer story on a completely different tangent that realigns itself with the end of Youis the second season. Here’s what happens next in the You pounds and what that might mean for You season 4.

Joe goes to jail

One of the biggest events out of You love Me is the incarceration of Joe, which sees Joe remanded indefinitely following the bloodbath he causes in Los Angeles at the end of Hidden bodies. Although there is ultimately not enough evidence to condemn the Youwas previously sympathetic and sympathetic to the Joe murders of Beck and Peach due to the Quinn family’s far-reaching legal twists, his narration states that he lost “some months“of his life while the matter is settled out of court. This marks a big departure from the way Joe escapes You the events of season 2, with Love murdering Beck in the cell before the couple fled to Madre Linda. Departure You season 4 with Joe incarcerated would certainly be a subversion of public expectations, given Joe’s apparent escape to another country at the end of You season 3.

Joe moves to Bainbridge Island

YOU Netflix Joe Watches Beck Read Bookstore

After his acquittal, Joe breaks contact with Love (who is still alive in the books) and his first son Henry / Forty, featured in the series in You season 3, and moved to the small town of Bainbridge Island in Washington State. Immediately returning to typing, Joe finds a job again at a library in the Pacific Northwest and focuses on the new object of his affection: Mary Kay. Mary is married and has a teenage daughter, which means Joe immediately begins to envision gruesome scenarios where Mary is free to date him. This move to Washington is still in the works for You season 4, with Joe’s open Parisian coda seemingly leaving him free to roam the world in search of the new “You. “

Joe is trying to change

Joe from the TV series You with hand up

After his time in prison, Joe reforms his murderous obsession by You love Me, resolved to no longer murder people in order to get closer to “YouIt turns out to be a difficult task when he pursues his last desire, Mary Kay, as Joe is instantly caught spying on Mary by his best friend, Melanda. Joe, surprisingly unwavering in his new resolve, usually locks Melanda in one of his cages, where she dies by suicide. Despite his insistence on not using violence to solve his problems, Joe actually quite inadvertently accumulates body count in You love Me, with no less than four characters perishing due to his unusual indecision. Joe’s reform attempt is already something You season 3 hinted at Joe making promises he can’t keep to his toddler son Henry, so expect You season 4 to try a similar tactic as Joe once again adjusts to a whole new reality.

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Joe quarrels with the Quinns

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn Netflix YOU Season 2

Contrary to the truffled plot You season 3, which sees Joe, Love and Dottie Quinn (Saffron Burrows) playing a bizarre form of house, Joe is ostracized as an enemy of the Quinns in You love Me. After his split from Love in the books, Joe can’t help but continue to hunt down the Quinn family as he checks on his ex-lover and his estranged son. Despite the randomness of Forty’s death in the books, the Quinn family still hold Joe responsible for the emotional abuse he inflicted on Forty and Love, leading them to bribe him with $ 4 million to leave them alone for always. However, typically Joe can’t help himself and continues to stalk the Quinn family online, which leads Love to summon him to a crisis meeting in LA. It is a thread that may unfold differently in You season 4 given Love’s apparent death and Dottie’s forced rehab, although a tale in which Joe gets money from Quinn’s may still arise.

Love tries to kill Joe

In the penultimate event of You love Me, Love attempts to assassinate Joe after luring him to Los Angeles in an attempt to find a more stable future for their son. When Joe arrives, however, Love is hysterical, yelling at Joe to tell him that he still loves her. When Joe refuses, Love shoots Joe in the head before turning the gun on her. While Joe miraculously survives this attempted murder, no interpretation as to Love’s fate is given in what is by far the most poignant chapter of You love Me. At first glance, this scenario seems impossible for You season 4 given Love’s apparent death at the hands of Joe and in the house fire. However, bring back Love to accomplish this You the twist ending as season 3 would set up an immediately thrilling conflict for the new installment in the series.

Joe is getting married again (sort of)

The final act of You love Me sees Joe recover from his injuries and marry the last object of his desires, Mary Kay. Following the suicide of Mary’s husband, Joe is free to pursue Mary, who inevitably falls under his spell and overt attentions. You love Me appears to be heading for a picture book ending, with Joe and Mary hastily marrying before disaster hits the couple. Her teenage daughter kills Mary Kay in a heated argument, in which she is pushed down the stairs and falls to her death. To complicate matters, Joe is then informed that his marriage to Mary Kay is not legitimate at the end of the book because they had not booked an officiant for their marriage. This ending is still very present on updated maps for You season 4, with another disastrous ending to a relationship, a fitting way to complement the inevitably tumultuous Netflix latest You Payment.

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